Service business of 42 is primarily web-based. 42 offers varity of services that include website Designing, Website & Portal development as well as SEO. 42 has some established skilled developers on PhP-MySQL platform. We specialize in e-commerce websites using OsCommerce platform. However, we have made quite a lot of innovative modifications in the old OsCommerce source code to make it robust & intutive to end-users.


Dealouch - clientDealouch is another client that has been instrumental in providing stability to 42. Dealouch is an e-commerce website that operates by providing people with services/goods at discounted rates. 42 has designed & developed this portal completely. The portal is on upswing in recent times & 42 has been able to provide prompt support to dealouch so far.

Domain: Web Design, Web Development. Project Status: Inctive