42 is a startup that started its voyage in August of 2011. Ride has been smooth so far with couple of steady clients & a few unsteady ones. 42 is currently active mostly in website development, while trying to break its way into mobile application development

Founder details

Adway has worked for Great Software Laboratory for three & a half years before he started calling himself 'entrepreneur'. He worked in Networking domain primarily, but his project offered him opportunities to work in wide range covering systems, security & web. He got some experience about runing a company when he started a startup in December 2011. He is now putting all his expertise in running 42.

Explaining the name '42'

Adway has been a great fan of "incorrectly named trilogy 'The HitchHikers Guide to Galaxy'". A supercomputer in the book computes that '42' is the answer to the 'question of life, universe & everything'. Hence, the name '42'. More about number 42 goes here.


42 is a place for 'Creativity & Crazyness'. We want to make 42 a place where work is an extended expression of one's own unrestricted desires. Work is not a burdon. It should not even be a pleasure. It ought to be a mania. This is going to be a little tough in service business, but thats the dream that 42 was founded upon & we will all strive to make that dream come true. Click here to read more