Philosophy - The need

Adway: I've worked closely with some of the start-ups. I've seen CEOs selling their teams short. I've seen CEOs accepting every word of client's as a Gospel. Thinking closely about it, I realized that these CEOs were acting worse than their 'sells teams', because the only thing that mattered to them was getting the business & being rich. 42 is not based on such terms & this propaganda intends to make it clear what 42 stands for. Also, it may help me in future as a reminder if I deviate from the path.


Philosophy - Attitude towards colleagues

When 42 accepts people on board, we really believe that they are unique. Just not distinct from one other but they are unique in their visions, thinking, rationality. It becomes duty of an individual to respect the other personalities.

Philosophy - Attitude towards clients & customers

Our clients & customers are mostly human beings. We will always be open while dealing with them. We may differ in our views on many points & we'll always make our views clear to clients as against accepting his statements without protest. We may or may not be able to convince client correctness/viability of our views but we'll have made attempt to provide the best solution that we can think of.